When Applying False Lashes

For newbies, applying false eyelashes can be daunting, but actually, there are only 3 simple steps necessary. It might seem like oversimplifying it, but in reality, you need to master these steps and you will find yourself applying it like a pro.

Beyond these 3 steps, you might also benefit from 5 tips from experienced users that a beginner like you might find very useful. After all, perfecting this part is a huge step in being able to pull off your makeup total transformation.


Tip #1: Go For The Curved Lashes

If you are still new to applying false lashes, then you should start with curved lash bands. The more curved they are, the easier it is for you to apply them. Even if it is very curved, it will still be much easier than a very straight lash. You can do this by making a small lash crown, sticking one end of the lash to the other end. Another step is to wrap the band around a cylindrical object like a blush brush. You might find, however, that lashes made of 100% human hair will not curve or bend as easily.


Tip #2: Steer Clear Of Oil

Oil will make it almost impossible for you to apply your lashes, as the adhesive cannot bond anymore so easily to your eyes. Some who have naturally oily eyelids, you can use oil blotting sheets before applying your lashes. If you opt to re-use your lashes, then never use oil-based makeup remover because the oil will lodge to the lash band and will make it tough for you to glue them on again.


Tip #3: Apply With Your Elbows On The Table

In the beginning, you will need to practice a lot to master eyelash application. You cannot expect to do it properly in the beginning as your arms and hands can be a bit shaky. To get over this, you should make sure your mirror is placed in the optimal position and that your arms are stable. Doing it while standing in front of the mirror in the bathroom or while sitting at the vanity is a bad idea.

Here are some ideas for a more stable setup. First, you can put your mirror flat on a table. Keep your elbows on each side and look down into the mirror. Do it while the lash has glue and is ready to be applied. This position provides the perfect angle to apply your false lashes.

Another idea is to use a swivel mirror and put it under your face. You can adjust the angle and keep your elbows on the table so that it is well-supported. The mirror should always be beneath your face at all times as you will have the best view of your natural lashes and where you want to apply your fake ones. If you still find these setups difficult, you can simply keep your chin on the table to keep it stable during application.


Tip #4: Start Small

You might find applying a full strip of lashes too difficult or that the risk of making a mistake is simply greater. To practice or slowly master the skill, start off with demi, half, or accent lashes. The widths are shorter, covering only the outer half of the eyes or maybe even less, meaning they will stick more easily and quickly compared to a full strip.


Tip #5: Cut It Up And Take It One At A Time

If you insist on applying a full strip but just cannot do it properly, you have another trick to try out. You can cut it into 2 or 3 parts and either only apply parts of it or take it one step at a time. If you choose to attach all of them, make sure you start with the innermost part (closest to the nose) first, then continue with the middle and end with the outermost part.

Unfortunately, this tip is not recommended for those who have thick lashes because the cut will be very obvious. Anyways, if you are still starting out, you might want to begin with short and light density ones before trying out thick strips.

With these tips, you can get started on your way to being a fake eyelash expert. In no time, you can do it without any trouble and end up with the perfect, thick lashes you have always dreamed of.